Friday, May 18, 2012

Recover a Chair

We finally recovered the chairs in the dining room! It was a cheap and easy face lift for the kitchen. I bought $10 worth of discount fabric at this place called Discount Fabrics (imagine that ;) it was from the clearance bin and perfectly matched my expectations. 

Supplies Needed: padding, about two yards of fabric, staple gun, a partner to help, optional clamps.

Before on right in blue. I didn't remember in time to take a picture of both chairs before.

and....After! I used the salvage edge as a guideline, but forgot that meant that for one chair it should have been at the bottom and for the other at the top (because of the way I cut the fabric). The result: the pattern is upside down on one of the chairs! Ok, so its not perfect, but I'm not about to rip out all those staples