Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY Puppet / Marionette

 For an art class I took this semester, we were each assigned the job of creating a puppet to resemble an historic work of art. For my puppet, I chose Edgar Degas Four Dancers. You can read more about Degas Four Dancers here from the National Gallery of Art. 


step one: shape a head, arms with hands, and feet from newspaper and  masking tape. Then, use a few layers of un printed news print followed by a few layers of tissue paper for color. Much later after the making of this puppet, I saw a bag of ground paper made especially for paper mache and alternatively a just add water paper mache compound - both at the artist and craftsman supply store. That woulda saved me a bunch of time and tired fingers! File that one under "If I would've known then what I know now..."

step two: sew a body and legs. this was done by a combination of hand stitching and machine work. I drew a pattern freehand. It wasn't amazing, but it got the job done. I learn a little bit more about sewing each project I try. And this was quite a project for me.
step three: fter the body, the red silky leotard and the tutu still had to be made. There was a lot of sweat and questions involved in how to make a tutu. Many youtube videos and fabric store workers were consulted with. Eventually, I ended up with a workable tutu I was proud of. I think the layers of color look great! Her little head also got hair made of wool that had yet to be spun. I just worked it and twisted it and pinned it till it looked like a little bun on top of her head. 

  step four: there was still a little  bit of work to go to get her ready to present for finals. I sewed a little pearl necklace on her and fixed on some pearl earrings too. She got embroidery floss ribbons for her shoes, along with eyes and finally some watercolor make-up.