Thursday, June 07, 2012

DIY No-Sew Fleece Blanket with Braided Edge - Update

So soft and warm, 100% washable, life-resistant totally customize-able - I love the no-sew fleece blanket! Its an easy and affordable DIY that is perfect for giving as a gift, even for the person who has everything. From purchasing the materials to enjoying the finished product, this project only took 3-4 hours total. That's it! This project is very kid friendly. And the end result is spectacular! 

The original inspiration came from a post at The Frugal Girls for a no-sew fleece blanket. I wasn't too happy with the look of the knots and wanted something that looked a little more neat and clean. So then  dug a little deeper in the web and found this great tutorial from Helping Little Hands for a double layer no-sew braided fleece blanket.

 I will be watching for fleece to go on sale throughout the rest of the year to stock-up on it to make a few Christmas presents - I've already got design plans for at least three more blankets to make as gifts.
 (Update:::  I was browsing fleece patterns and colors online at Pico Textiles and found fleece for $3.95 / yard , in my school colors. I had never ordered fabric without seeing it before, but I was very pleased when the fabric came in the mail - it looks just like I hoped! Now, I have the materials to make a DIY braided fleece blanket to keep me warm on those long nights making lesson plans, studying or crafting {pictures to come soon!} :::End Update)
 I figure you can always make gifts way early and then just hold on to 'em till the time comes. This particular blanket is for my dad for his birthday at the end of July. 
~~Remember, Father's Day is coming up on this Sunday, June 17th!~~

The lizard & neutral fleeces came from JoAnn Fabrics. The one pattern is a tropical looking lizard print. Dad is not into sports or hunting; this pattern seemed to be the 'right' one. The opposite side is tie-dyed in neutral. I wanted the blanket to be big, so I bought two yards of each fabric while fleece was 50% off at Joanns.

At home, cut off the salvage edge and line up the two pieces on top of each other and cut them square. Then, every 1.5 inches, cut a 1.5 inch slice into both pieces. (Follow The Frugal Girls tutorial ) Here's where this blanket is different from other no sew fleece blankets - instead of cutting long tassels and tying them into granny knots, follow this tutorial from Helping Little Hands to 'braid' the edges. There are no uncomfortable knots to sit on and the edges look sophisticated. I can't wait to give this to Dad. I think he will love to throw it over his legs while he takes a nap in his recliner. I can just see the cat on his lap and hear him snoring away now.  Happy Crafting!