Thursday, May 22, 2014

Best Baby Toys - Birth to 6 Months

Any mom will tell you, all baby toys are not created equal! AND infant toys that are actually infant appropriate are hard to find. My son is now five months old and a few toys have become standouts in the arenas of 1. time they keep baby's attention, 2. ability to be easily cleaned, 3. reasonable price (c'mon we're talking about baby toys here) and 4. durability. Luckily for you, I've done the leg work and these are the toys which again and again are thrown off the high chair and disinfected daily (sometimes multiple times per day).

^Bright Starts Lots of Links- I got a pack of 20 these guys from BigLots for $4. Besides being great on their own, we use them to secure toys to the stroller, highchair, exersaucer and baby gym. When my little man decides to toss a toy out of the stroller, these links swoop into action and prevent me from having to disinfect a slobbery and dirty mess.

^Infantino Vintage Boy Baby Gym- Easy to machine wash and fold for travel, the baby gym provides a safe and stimulating place for baby to enjoy tummy time and floor play. The teeny tummy pillow and tinkling toys are great bonuses. I didnt like the mirror that came with it because it had a distorted reflection so I added a baby safe mirror (origninally meant for looking at baby in the backseat of the car). When combined with a pack of linkadoos to lower the toys for easier grabbing, this gym became an everyday favorite!

^OBall Clickity - this was one of the first toys that my little man ever truly interacted with. We were so excited when he made it click for the first time on his own. He LOVES this toy, and once he has it in his hands, its easy for him to keep hold of and also put in his mouth at the same time. He will hold and teethe on this thing for entire walks in the stroller! Best of all, it was less than $6 at Target.

^BrightStarts Crinkle Monkey - my baby digs this guy! He nuzzles it and teethes on it and waves it around. It has a loop on the back so you can connect your own links to it and hang it from a baby gym or attach it to the carseat. I've put it through the laundry and it cleans up great. 

^Nuby multi texture teething ring- Little Man can't get enough of this one, especially after its spent a day in the freezer getting nice and chilled. There's no liquid parts so it can't freeze per se, but he likes it cold just the same. The little ears are crinkle material and the clear part is more rubbery and has nubs for massaging his gums. I've seen him grasp and chew on every part of this toy. It's easy to clean, I just drop mine into boiling water for 2 mins to disinfect. 

^Smartsteps Exersaucer by Evenflo - Little Man usually hangs out in his saucer with Mommy in the kitchen. He is thrilled when the toys light up or play music and there are many types of surfaces to grab and chew on. It cleans up easily too; the seat is machine washable and the rest can be wiped with soap and water. It's adjustable so it grows with him and as you can see from the picture, he is very happy to play with his toys in the saucer :-)

^Sassy Noisemaker-I had the hardest time finding one of these for sale online. I'm not sure if I like this toy more or the baby likes it more. Each button makes a different sound and an LED blinks along with the noise. The sounds are funky and abstract, a wibble-wobble, a popping, a boingy-boingy and another one that I don't even know how to describe. It's fun and simple, with the added grab bar and clinky rings, its a great toy to play together with the baby while he's in my lap. 

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