Sunday, June 03, 2012

DIY Ribbon Bracelet (or Headband)

Supplies needed to make this project: spool of cute ribbon (I used a matte/shiny polka dot), hot glue gun, bobby pins, optional decorative pin (the sheer black flower with sequins) .


While browsing for handmade gifts for my classy and crafty big sis. I came across this tutorial for a ribbon "braid" called a Crown of Knots (Diadema de Nudos):

See the tutorial at: Diadema de Nudos (Crown of Knots) 

For my  project, I just kept going till the ribbon braid was long enough to be a bracelet with just a little stretch room to slip it on and off comfortably. I tested a couple times to be sure. The ribbon braid has a little bit of natural stretch, so it works out nicely. I hot glued the extra ends into little 'leaves' underneath the flower pin. A few more dabs of hot glue to hide the pin and .... ta da! A classy and original birthday gift for my one and only big sister.

There was a little ribbon left so I decided to try out this ribbon rose project:

See the tutorial at: Rosa Echa de Liston

I used a few dabs of hot glue to fix the roses onto some bobby-pins and viola! A handmade ribbon braid bracelet for my sister!