Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top 3 Must-Have Baby Gadgets (link to Instructables Diaper-ChangingRobot)

"Everything is different from when you were a baby. There's all these gadgets now, and funny looking bottles..." -my Mom <3

(Momo w/ Little Man @ 1 day old)

I'm a lady who loves efficiency, organization and streamlined processes. Enter scene: baby. Chaos ensues.  In my efforts to make sense out of life with a baby, I try to make sure that the gadgets and toys I bring into my home improve the quality of my baby's life and are things that we will actually use. Through many long nights and a few instances of "thank god we didn't burn the house down" I've come to decide that no parent should be without at least a small arsenal of baby gadgets. 
During those wee hours of the morn' each ray of light, quiver of sound and tick of the clock can mean the difference between a content, sleeping munchkin or a screaming, inconsolable infant. These three ingenious inventions helped us through the long nights of the newborn gauntlet and they have now become staples in our everyday routine.

#3. Baby Monitor -
No brainer, right?  When Little Man was newborn, he slept in our room so I didn't have much use for a monitor. As he has grown and now sleeps in his crib in the nursery, I rely on the monitor to hear his baby noises and cries, but not too much background sound from the white noise machine. Now, we use the Motorola Mbp 15L , which I scored on clearance at Big Lots. Besides monitoring, it has a lot of great features, some of which we use, including a night light, temperature sensor and adjustable microphone sensitivity.

#2. Bottle Warmer -
When it came to warming up bottles, I was sure that a pan of water on the stove was the way to go.I couldn't have been more wrong. After we left the burner on in the middle of the night more than a couple of times, my sister and mom stepped in and bought us The First Years Babypro electric bottle warmer before there was a more serious accident. This thing is fast and Fab-u-lous! Set the bottle in, fill up the vial with water to the desired minute line and voila! a perfectly heated bottle and it automatically shuts itself off so no forgotten midnight fire hazards. Yay!

#1. Fisher price sleep and play rocker- 
Starting from newborn bassinet, morphing to daytime relaxing/nap seat and nighttime savior, this bassinet has comforted my baby through many, many hours of sleep. It also provides a safe and elevated place for him to be part of the action during the day. The vibrating function creates a soothing sensation and he will sleep in here even during fussy wee morning hours. It is so easy to clean and move from room to room or even put in the car. This is by far the best newfangled baby gadget there is!!

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