Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kitchen Makeover, Part #2 - Kind of Blue

Miles Davis - all blues 

For part two of my kitchen makeover, I painted the lower cabinets a dark royal blue color. 

It was hard to get good even coverage, I think because of the type of roller I used - foam. The nappy one I had for the gray paint on the top cabinets worked much much better. I had to do three/four coats of the blue with the foam roller and I made much more of a mess painting today than yesterday. 

Fewer cabinets = bigger mess! Why? I think because I didn't quite have the right tools for the job. yesterday I sort of forgot to rinse out my paint tray (mistake #1). So, today I tried to make do with a big Tupperware type container which was big enough to accommodate my roller (mistake #2). I DID mask with patience and diligence and put down my drop cloth so at least my eventual mess was contained. 

^-before (beige lower cabinet doors)

After looking at my 'before', I realized how Un-magazine-perfect my kitchen is on a daily basis. I am ok with that. This is a real, actual shot taken during daily chaos. I use my kitchen and not everything is just right gorgeous. Function over form. But, I suppose a little general tidying for the 'after' wont hurt. 

As the blue was drying, i realized that it was A LOT of color and it begged for some support, so I relocated Van Gogh's Irises...
From here...
before gray
after gray behind the stove.

At night, the cabinets look more blue
During the morning, the contrast of the bright light through the window makes the cabinets look very dark in pictures

I really like the Van Gogh repro above the stove. It is close enough and at eye level so I can truly appreciate the visual mastery of color and texture while I cook. I am starting to feel really good about being in my kitchen. Next on the list: window and floor treatments. I'm thinking a wispy white valance and half curtain, classic kitchen style with a simple black rod. For the floor, I am going to look for an easy to clean rug or mat which has visual texture sort of like a basket. Stay tuned for Kitchen Makeover, Part #3!

Peace out!

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